To kick off the launch of our Spring/Summer ’17 collection, our creative director, Sarah Ahmed, ch...

To kick off the launch of our Spring/Summer ’17 collection, our creative director, Sarah Ahmed, chatted with us about how the ‘90s style mentality influenced this season’s designs and why vintage-inspired denim beats real vintage.

DL: From the styling, to the details, to the silhouettes, this new collection has the ‘90s written all over it. What is it about the era that resonates with you?

SA: In the last decade, brands have been the ones to dictate what is “cool” but in the ‘90s, the tables were turned. Personal style was paramount. Fashion really inspired youth culture. Big brands were taking their inspiration from what the kids were wearing.

Also, I grew up in the ‘90s, before digital interactions superseded physical ones. This was a time when creativity wasn't validated by the amount of social media traction you have. I think there’s something really comforting about that.

DL: What sort of research went into developing the washes and fits for this season?

SA: A lot of vintage shopping and seeing how we could take traditional denim and rework it to feel new. Our goal was to create a collection that took the best style cues from the ‘90s but expressed it in the latest fabrics and fits. It not only feels modern but it’s comfortable to wear 24/7.

DL: The campaign imagery also reflects that with a throwback-meets-modern feel. What was behind that vibe?

SA: The colors, the energy and the styling was inspired partly by ‘90s hip hop and partly by Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Ha!

DL: What’s your stance on vintage denim vs. modern denim and where does a contemporary collection that draws on vintage inspiration belong in that spectrum?

SA: As a contemporary brand, I think it's our responsibility to the customer to create innovative denim that’s high quality, has a great fit yet is sustainable. Reworking vintage pairs is a great way to cut down on waste but the market for it is limited in terms of body types. We specialize in creating denim that reduces waste, uses half the energy, water and dyes but also is comfortable, flattering for different body types and has fantastic retention.

Best ‘90s trend?
Chokers, Spikes, Platforms.

Worst ‘90s trend?
Bad Highlights.

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